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UFO konferanse på Stiklestad, 2.- 4. oktober 2015

Kornsirklel fra Wilthsire, England

 Til høsten arrangeres det for første gang en internasjonal UFO konferanse i Trøndelag. Den vil også belyse fenomenet kornsirkler. Forelesere blir Mary Rodwell, Denis Roger Denocla, Freddy Silva, Richard Lawrence, Rune Øverby og Terje Wulfsberg. Robert Hastings, James Gilliland og Clark C. McClelland deltar via Skype.


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  1. Trine Tirgersen sier:

    Gleder meg!

  2. Milica sier:

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  3. False flags are things our government does to incite fear..our own terrorist when they blew up the twin towers and blmed it on alqaida can clearly see bombs exploding in sequence in the tower.. The batman massacre was a false flag maneuver, to push the gun control laws.It has been rumored for months that the olympics may quite possibly be a venue for a big disturbance..a nuke ir other bomb perhaps, or some bs about alien invasion…its all to make us afaid..repost the

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